This is your life. Your one and only life. You determine what's possible. Make choices, ask questions, take steps - today is the day!


Monday Weekly Call
7:30pm Central
Experience call hosted by Shannon and Rachette Pardue
212-990-8000 pin 6699#

Monday Weekly Training Call
9:00pm central
Team call hosted by Shannon & Rachette Pardue
646-519-5860 pin 8899#

Thursday Weekly Call
8:30pm Central
Experience call hosted by Salien Liles and Erica Phillips
212-990-8000 pin 6699#

Saturday Weekly Call
10:00am Central
Training call hosted by Rusty Barton
212-990-8000 pin 6699#

24 Hour Recording Limu Experience Call 7:30 Monday call
712-432-8530 options 1 & 2

24 Hour Recording Limu Dream Team 9:00 call
712-432-8587 options 3 & 4

Upcoming Meetings and Calls

Weekly: Friday at 7:00pm

Golden Corral
6200 Seawall Blvd.
Galveston, TX

Speakers: Bobby and Carolyn McCain (832-867-9653)

Weekly: Saturday at 2:00pm

Land & Cattle
1900 Dickenson
Houston, TX

Speakers: Bobby and Carolyn McCain (832-867-9653)